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Our Corporate Values

Our Corporate Values

Our Mission

Our mission as Santepe Plastic Chemistry Corporation is ; by creating employment with The products we produce in the region in which we operate and all over our country, contributing to the economy of the region and the country to deliver Santepe Plastic Chemistry A.Ş. products with its signature, to the consumers with high quality and reasonable price.

Our Vision

As Santepe Plastik Kimya A.Ş. our vision is to make our brand recognized on a global scale beyond the borders of our brand and make it searchable, and with our business volume, take place ind the list of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) "Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of Turkey" and foreign trade of Turkey Exporters Assembly with suspension (TIM) "The Biggest Exporters Of Turkey ”.


Santepe Plastik Kimya A.S. It was established in Arguvan in 2019 and 51% of its capital is owned by Arguvan Municipality. In our factory, a wide range of cleaning and packaging materials such as liquid detergent group, cosmetics, cleaning papers, overshoes, bones and cardboard cups are produced.

The most important motivation for our company to be established in Malatya / Arguvan, which is among the provinces within the scope of the Council of Ministers Decision on Supporting Investments within the scope of Attraction Centers Program published in the Official Gazette numbered 30312, dated 25 January 2018, contributes to increasing employment and production in the region. to create. In this context, we aim to present the highest quality products to the benefit of the society by blending the responsibility of the public with our experience, dynamism and excitement.

The mainly factor of our wealth is spiritual value which based on the ballads of Arguvan which aforesaid ‘’ factory of ballads’’,added by purity and clarity to the products of our region and our company. In our country’s ballad factory Arguvan,that regions ballads added a spiritual value through purity and clarity to the products and our company.which is a mainly factor of our wealth.Our company, which is nourished by values in the colors of the region, aims to offer our products to our customers abroad by carrying out a global activity and overcoming “dolmabahçe” brand

Our company has been certified with the minimum standard in its production with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certificates, it is at the point of providing the highest quality to the users at the most affordable price.